Tuesday, 27 April 2010


So for a while I have found an interest in Jonas Brothers. My hubby would think it was because they were "dreamy sexy men" but its not (even though they are)
Its the talent behind them, 3 young men who can write such good songs as well as play them. They plan their own tours, design their own staging, just about everything.
I am in love with their sound. Their songs are brilliant.
Here are some of my favs.

Much Better

Turn Right

Fly With Me (from Night at The Museum 2)

That's Just The Way We Roll (love the song but love the opening of the concert more)

And now the Jonas Brothers are touring in 2010 and I hope they come to the UK. To watch the people responsible for inspiring me to learn music.....is a dream come true

Oh dear

I said I would update more but I haven't. Not that many people follow or even read my blog, but while I still have hope then people read it, I will try to remember to post

As well as writing, I am gonna post snippets. News, photos, etc.

So I started a new job since the last post, and left that one to start a better job. I am planning a baby and still learning the piano

I have a few stories posted on www.fanfiction.net and 2 have been nominated for awards. So I thought I would share ALL my stories I have published. And before you rub your eyes and wonder what you are seeing. Yeah they are about Suite Life on Deck and The Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers Fanfiction Archive

Check them out. They are just some of my stories