Friday, 22 January 2010

You like what you like?

Now I have always worried that my interests are not the same as the people of my age. I am 31 and should be interested in decorating my house, babies and gardening??? Not quite. Babies yeah but not the others.
Aside from writing, i find I am interested in things that might be strange to others. But it has been pointed out to me that its not weird. There are 4 year olds out there that like ballroom dancing and 70 year olds that like to go to nightclubs so what is wrong with a 31 year old kid at heart that enjoys watching Disney channel rather then yet ANOTHER soap or stupid reality show.
Thats my kind of comedy (even know I am watching Lee Evans and have been watching Jeff Dunham on youtube) Its light hearted, not relying on sexual or violent humour. I can't see anything funny with some silly cartoon characters laughing that they have "killed Kenny again" there is another death in this world. Get me away from it!!

So I admit it.
I love Suite Life on Deck and think the Sprouse Twins are so talented.
I love Jonas and the Jones Brothers. Their music is good and Kevin is so cute

So who cares,
Now I am off to listen to Lines Vines and Trying Times and to learn the piano. Thanks Jonas brothers for the inspiration

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  1. If someone thinks what you like is weird or strange... sod 'em. :) You like what you like? You bet :D